Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

Writings and Media Appearances

This blog is too neglected, I’ll give you that. If you’d like to see where I go, use the handy list below.


The Catholic Gentleman.

Catholic Exchange.

Catholic World Report.

Ignatius Press Novels.

St. Austin Review. 


Catholic Lane.

Epic Pew.

Media Appearances

CE Podcast: My weekly and sometimes daily podcast.

The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on Sirius XM. I talked about depression, Johnny Cash, and prayer with guest host Hallie Lord on March 3, 2016. I’ll post the podcast when I can.

Radio Maria: Where I sometimes guest-host for Kathleen Beckman. This particular episode is one of my solo podcasts, but it was quite well-received.

Fountains of Carrots: Why we love GK Chesterton. I enjoyed being interviewed for this podcast, and I think you’ll enjoy listening.

Uncommon Sense: #92 Post Conference and Interview. My interview with Nancy C. Brown on Chesterton, reading, and why I do what I do.

Religion en Libertad, a Spanish-language paper that wrote a profile on me. I assume it’s mostly positive.

Washington Times. I don’t know why they quote me. Really, it’s a mystery to me.

Speaking Engagements

I have spoken about the saints, writing, mental health, as well as subjects pertaining to theology and the interior life.

I am available to speak to just about any crowds, but I prefer the smaller settings that allow for questions and participation.

Just use the form below and we’ll work on my speaking fee (don’t worry, it’s usually just beer). Some talks I am prepared to give and have had great success with in the past:

The Poetry of GK Chesterton. While the work of the “Apostle of Common Sense” has undergone something of a renaissance, his poetry is still largely ignored. I combine my knowledge of Chesterton’s life and influences as well as dramatic readings of his poetry. It is good for a Theology on Tap Session or any good, fun crowd.

The Saints and Depression. A talk that is hard to give because nobody knows what I’m going to say, half the time. However, I draw on several saints and holy people such as Ven Francis Lieberman, Mother Teresa, John of the Cross, and GK Chesterton to explore how the modern trials of depression and anxiety are really not that modern. This is a talk I like to give to offer hope and to teach people that we who are mentally afflicted do have a place in Christ’s Providence. Yes, it’s a little heavy but I do try to throw in my dark humor.

The Three People Who Made Me CatholicI don’t like to give conversion stories because I’m sure that I’m still in the process of conversion. However, I can point to specific authors and dear friends who were willing to wrestle with my questions and, whether they knew it or not, helped me to become Catholic. I also have a companion talk entitled The People Who Kept Me Catholic. The latter talk discusses spiritual burnout and how certain theologians and figures kept me in the Church after my initial excitement of conversion wore off.

Of course, as mentioned, I am open to speaking on a variety of issues. If you are in the New England area, my talks are free for all parishes and charities. Travel has to be compensated for I am a penniless scribe who blows all his money on coffee, good beer, and books.


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