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Mother Teresa, The Dark Night of the Soul, etc.

I never get much time to write, much less blog, but I keep trying to write as it is indeed my first love. This week, I was invited by my friend and fellow editor Brett Colasacco of Sightings asked me to write a response to the canonization of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I focused on her experience of the dark night of the soul. You can read it here or click the image below.

Those who suffer from their own dark nights of the soul often feel as if they are doing something wrong—as if their faith were somehow weak because of these interior struggles. Mother Teresa, like her patrons St. Teresa of Avila and St. Thérèse of Lisieux, is an example to the countless souls who pursue a spiritual life of charity but are frustrated by feelings of doubt, loneliness, and depression. They now have a contemporary champion, someone who shows the way to a faithful selflessness, who could work for the good of others despite, or because of, her own struggles.

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Image: Exhibition about Mother Teresa | Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales) / Flickr (CC)


Mark Shea had me as his guest…

on his show discussing mental health, showing charity, and the strange effects of altitude sickness. While my connection kept getting lost, I really enjoyed this conversation and hope that it helps some folks.

You can give ‘er a listen at this link.

And if you’re not tired of my voice, yet, I have a new season of the Catholic Exchange Podcast coming up and you can listen to my latest interview with Dr. Kevin Vost over CE, or on iTunes, Sticher, and Google Play.

New Podcast: Homesteading, Farming, and Family

11438676715_d6b1e99630_mSo, it’s a dirty secret of mine that I’m what some call a “radical Catholic,” by which those bloggers mean that I think a lot about economics, family, society, and the general human condition. I don’t write about all aspects because, well, I’m not an economist or a sociologist and I respect the great deal of time that goes into those disciplines before you can something that isn’t patently stupid.

Anyway, part of that interest is examining what it would be like for us to start making a local economy and growing food. I explore that in the latest podcast, that is with Ken and Cari Donaldson of Ghost Fawn Homestead.

I’ve been to the homestead a few times and Clan Donaldson has been the most of Christian hosts. And, yes, their six kids are very entertaining and love having strangers around. As a single guy, I love this touch of home. In many ways, I’ve come to call it my home in Connecticut’s quiet corner. There are animals, fields of barley, and six kids eager to show everything. I’m not sure that this situation is the ideal economic model, but for the family it seems perfect.

Well, I’ll start rambling so do please take a listen to the latest podcast. Click here or that handsome image above.


image: Finding Peace in the City by Ian Malave / Flickr / Creative Commons 


Frances Chesterton: The Woman Behind the Man (new podcast!)

Frances Chesterton

ColorFrances-noise reduction

My latest podcast is with Mrs. Nancy C. Brown discussing her book The Woman Who Was ChestertonI really enjoyed this conversation, and you can hear the excitement in my voice. As you can probably gather, I love GK Chesterton and know quite a bit about him, but I knew next to nothing about his amazing wife. Really, she’s in a class by herself and should have societies and journals dedicated to her. In this podcast you’ll learn about this wonderful lady and all the things Nancy had to do to really give us such a fantastic biography. Listen and enjoy!

Click either this link or the beautiful image to your right.

Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture (new podcast!)

shutterstock_261564380I’m finally back in the podcast saddle talking with Dr. Mark Giszczak, a writer and professor. I had to take a break while I tried to get a handle on my new job, which is now editing books for Sophia Institute Press. I’m very excited but it’s also a lot to do. Click this link or the photo to give a listen, and then give a like or a share, if you’d be so kind.

You can also find us on iTunes or Stitcher.

Also, check out Mark at Catholic Bible Student and on Facebook. Also, he’s launched a new YouTube channel, Catholic Broccoli.


Finding Healing after a Miscarriage

This might be my most important podcast interview. I sat down with Karen Edmisten to talk about how parents can find healing after a miscarriage and also what we as friends and loved ones can do to help those whom we love when they suffer what is often an invisible grief. Take a listen and please do share. 

Latest Podcast: Every Home a Monastery

My last piece on depression as a cold reboot brought a lot of new readers to this little blog, which I am glad for and it always surprises me how much people engage on this topic.

What you may not know is that I have a day job and that’s why my blogging is oh so uneven. One of those things I do is run a podcast at Catholic Exchange. It is a great way to get to know some of the best writers out there. We have fun, we also get to hear amazing stories such as in my interview with Dawn Eden, that is one of the most popular.

The latest is an interview with Jessica Archuleta, a writer and blogger at Every Home a Monastery. She is a fantastic woman who has gone through a lot and still comes out with such an unimaginable strength and warmth. On top of that, she has a bunch of beautiful kids whom she homeschools. I honestly don’t know how she gets it all done.

Listen to the latest podcast at Catholic Exchange or on iTunes/Stitcher. Let me know what you think.

Latest Podcast: Dominican Edition

Just click the picture…listen to my voice…

I am hanging out with two brothers of the Dominican Order on today’s CE Podcast. I am really enjoying these interviews and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to my West Coast accent, again. Take a listen here.

Latest Podcast: Chesterton, the Conference, and Laughter

Today on the CE Podcast I sit down with Dale Ahlquist to discuss GK Chesterton and his influence on Michael Collins, Gandhi, and the many Catholic converts. Take a listen here.

As well, make sure to register for the 34th Annual Chesterton Conference in San Antonio, Texas. I’ll be there with Sophia Institute Press and it’d be awesome to meet all of you who read this blog.

Heck, I’ll buy coffee for all three of you.*

*Coffee is only dependent on folks who arrive to the conference and under the assumption that this blog isn’t read. If it is, then, oh boy. Forgive me for being broke or donate to my cause.

A Johnny Cash Lent and the Catholic Gent

Special thanks to Sam for hosting a version of my article. Also, thanks for this awesome image with a line from an interview that I quoted in the article. Man, it was almost impossible for Johnny to look anything but cool.