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5 Books for Advent and Christmas

I am over at the new site EpicPew discussing my favourite books for Advent and Christmas. As an Advent purist, this is a bit strange for me to be writing about it so early. However, editors and readers make the rules and I am here to serve. Have fun!

shutterstock_118628236If you had to go shopping at all this past weekend, you would not be blamed for thinking that Christmas was only a short time away. Department stores seem to set up for the secular Feast of the Nativity around the end of September before we’ve even carved our Jack O’ Lanterns and it certainly can be a tad bit bothersome for a few of us. However, they’re not entirely wrong.

There are now only two more Sundays of the Church year until we reach Advent and then only twenty-five days until Christmas. Advent and Christmas will come quickly and the best thing you can do is to prepare your heart and soul so that you don’t feel “Holiday Burnout” when it’s time to feast and celebrate the Nativity of Christ.
In that spirit, we’d like to offer five books that will prepare you for Advent while also giving your Christmas celebrations a deeper meaning.

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