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Front Row With Francis: Catholic and Apostolic

My latest article is over at Catholic Lane. This one, like the last, is discussing the Papal Audience with Pope Francis and my ham-fisted attempt to bring a little more clarity to a pontiff who already speaks rather plainly.

“Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; even as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.”

-St. Ignatius of Antioch

Pope Francis continues his catechesis this week going over what it means when we proclaim that the Church is both Catholic and Apostolic. In using these terms, the Holy Father discusses how they are an expression of our faith lived out in the world and are thus inseparable in the Christian life. As with much of the Christian life, these two concepts seem opposite and contradictory, with the opening of up of the universal Catholic life but the narrowing sense of being Apostolic. However, as His Holiness demonstrates, the paradox in our faith is that these two different ideas are in fact dependent and work in unison with one another in our faith lives.

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