Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

I Have Little To Say About The Latest News

Do not react. Do not resent. Keep inner stillness.

N.B.: I’m posting this as a reminder to myself, not because I want to be preachy or anything. 

Yes, the news is in and I’m once again caught between wanting to celebrate the downfall of a mass murderer. And yet, there is something that makes me more than a little uncomfortable to have a street celebration when a person is killed. Perhaps I’m just too cosy in my Ivory Tower. All the same, I’m glad that Osama is out of the picture and I can now only hope that this leads us closer to peace and justice. Oh, and I do believe a snifter of brandy is called for while I think these things over.

St. Thomas More and St. Stephen of Hungary, pray for us all!


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