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A Right To Choose (So Long As The State Can Kill’ya!)

Though I usually love, love, love saying, “I told you so,” in my rather usual cynicism, this is one instance where I really wish I was wrong.  Whenever I argue that ceding power to the hands of the few jeopardizes fundamental liberties in a way that can be spiritually and physically dangerous.  I’m usually then told that my cynicism is just too damn awful and I really need to learn to trust people.  Tell you, my dear utopian reader, when you can guarantee me that a right to euthanasia will not necessarily mean that doctors may decide not resuscitate me without informing my family of their rather grave decision, I’ll try try the trust route.  However, given this current post at Secondhand Smoke, you can understand why I’m a little less trusting of experts who want to control my every decision.


UPDATE: Lest anyone think that anyone is over-reacting:

Last month, the Star reported on the case of Douglas DeGuerre, another Sunnybrook patient who requested full emergency care, which was changed by doctors without consultation, according to allegations filed in court by his daughter.

His daughter, Joy Wawrzyniak, says she pleaded with doctors to save her father’s life as he was in critical condition two years ago.

They stood back and refused as he suffered an arrest, she alleges


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