Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Dear Reader, my apologies for the stream of consciousness which follows in this post.  I wished to announce a change in program and a new direction in my blogging but found myself bearing a lot more of my heart than I generally like to do on the internet.  That being said, I hope you can forgive an amateur author on the Digital Vanity Press for his sudden outbursts.

I am sitting in my room suffering from the most severe writers block with regards to everything I’m supposed to be working on.   The University of Chicago is a wonderful school that demands much and I am sometimes afraid that I fail at answering the call.  All the same, I know that it is my vocation to write in whatever capacity I can and to share in whatever minor truths that I find cause a cause to rejoice.  No doubt, my most endearing reader, you have noticed a lot of changes to the layout of this blog; these outward signs are quite indicative of an inner change that I’ve been going through the last year and a half.  Insofar as I remain the Catholic Coffee Drinker and a man driven to madness for love of the truth, I have also begun so many new things since I started self-publishing over three years ago.

In 2007 I was still a new convert to the faith and my zeal could not be contained.  A convert to any grand idea will tell you of the excitement of unburying an ancient truth and of parading that long-known truth around as if it was the most grand and revolutionary idea that any person has ever come upon.  When it came to Catholicism, especially of the orthodox variety, I was just such a convert and I found myself quoting Chesterton, St. Paul, Elijah, and Augustine as if they had just written me letters on a new way to be human and this excitement drove me to read and write like no other time in my life.  A few things have changed.  I am a Catholic, but now I see that I suffer with–and perhaps, though indirectly, from–the Church Militant that truly is one great family with all the love, joys, pains, and awkward conversations that come with every family.  I need not tell you of the crises of faith and praxis which have taken hold of the Church these last few decades, and, even less so, do I need to tell you of the power and the glory that comes with being part of that very Church.

Further, I have grown up considerably and am no longer the bright-eyed child of the Liberal Arts who is rediscovering eternal truths.  I still look in wonder at the volumes of wisdom contained over the thousands of years but am now in grad school and find myself needing to remember the joy I feel after long study.  A friend of mine once exclaimed, “I wish I could remember how I felt after I went for a run,” and I too need to remember the joy I feel after completing my studies, saying my prayers, and jotting down a few hasty notes on the experience.  In all of this, I realized that my blogging needed to be reprogramed and thus my announcement to the handful who still read this blog.

A few changes you will see or have already seen:

  • A new look and a slightly more diverse set of subjects.
  • My posts need to become a little more honest while not falling into the folly of keeping an e-diary.  Language is given to us by God to make our thoughts known to one another, but I am rather certain there are still a few things I will keep private.
  • With regards to the previous point, I am also determined to tackle the hard subjects of life and faith.  These subject cause me a lot of anxiety, but they are the anxiety of many of us and only by talking about it do we begin to renew the things that matter most.
  • I am also taking the time to go through my years of postings and deleting the ones that were rather unkind or unconstructive.  As well, I am trying to be better about my editing.
  • Finally, I am going to put a pause on my Best of Chesterton blog.  I would like to undertake the project again, but will need to be better disciplined about two blogs before I undertake a wholly different venture.  That said, do feel free to contact me if you should like to help with such an adventure and perhaps write or edit the blog.

I thank you for reading this and do ask that you return as I start my new project.  As well, if you have any ideas of what you’d like to read on this blog or see more of than do please contact me or leave a comment.  My warmest gratitude to you, my constant reader.

Pax Christi,



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