Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

Why Can’t I Be Like This Guy?

Father Stephen writes yet another post that makes his blog required daily reading for me.  Reposting an earlier post, the Orthodox priest writes:

Knowing God is not a distraction from knowing other persons, nor is knowing other persons a distraction from knowing God. But, like God, knowing other persons is not the same thing as thinking about them, much less is it objectifying them.

Knowing others is so far from being a distraction from knowing God, that it is actually essential to knowing God. We cannot say we love God, whom we have not seen, and hate our brother whom we do see, St. John tells us. We only know God to the extent that we love our enemies (1 John 4:7-8).

And this matters.

This blog does not matter – except that I may share something that makes it possible for someone to know God or someone may share something that allows themselves to be known. This matters.

Make sure to check out his blog, Glory to God For All Things, as well as his weekly podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

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