Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

In Memoriam

Nicholas Sanchez, an old friend from my days at Thomas More College died yesterday, July 29, 2009.  I have no details that I feel comfortable writing here so I will just simply ask for prayers that God receives his soul and for peace with his family.  I will, however share some memories of someone who left a memorable impression everywhere he went.

In the centre, Nicholas Sanchez.

In the centre, Nicholas Sanchez.

I met him while TMC was having a Halloween dance, I was dressed kind odd and smoking a cigar.  He turned to me and asked out of the blue, “So, where’s my cigar?” It was from there that we talked much and he was the one who introduced me to Melkite Rite of the Catholic Church and encouraged my discernment for the Dominicans.  Granted, I could always count on him for a little East and West taunting, but I could also rely on him for a good meal, a good drink, and some great conversation.  He always insisted on being called Uncle Nick, and in many ways he rejoiced in being TMC’s strange uncle.  I will alway remember his large laugh and love of Rumpole, and especially his enjoyment of friends around a claret.

Requiscat in Pace Mr Sanchez, you won’t soon be forgotten.


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  1. To all those who loved our son, thank you. He was an extra ordinary man and a wonderful son. We are missing him terribly but know that he is now at peace with our forgiving Lord. God bless you and keep you.

    Mun and Pop,
    Carey and Eddie Sanchez

    R.I.P. dear son…..


    6 August, 2009 at 6:09 am

  2. Finny

    It’s humorously appropriate that you prayed for his peaceful rest in Latin. Nick always used to say “You don’t think they’re gonna speak Latin in heaven do you? Of course not! Heaven’s in Greek!”

    He’s in my prayers nonetheless.


    12 August, 2009 at 6:13 pm