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I Thought You Were Visiting For My Writing!

A lot of folks have been searching for info on my beloved (and feared) alma mater, Thomas More College in New Hampshire, and I’m curious why that might be?  I guess some are looking for controversy, even on summer break, or they’re hoping for news.  Sorry to say, though, yes, TMC is a place full of drama and rumors and tears, fears, triumphs, and songs and shouting, but I cannot really provide news of the place and don’t know that I’m quite capable of seeking controversy.

NB: This is directed at those doing query searches such as “Thomas More College firing” or “Thomas More College controversy.”  I am happy to discuss the school in any depth in any fashion, and would encourage people to
write me an email at this link
but do be sure to subject it “TMC Info?” or something of that sort.  Happy to talk!  However, this is not the forum for gossiping and whispering behind the curtains.  Thanks for checking in!


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