Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

Silver Lining

My coments to the Nashua Telegraph regarding graduation were selectively quoted to be quite negative.  I’ll admit that graduating in this economy has me and many other graduates quite frightened, but I also hold out for a lot of hope that the future of any grad from TMC will be something beautiful.  In many ways I enjoy the economic woes simply because every other college graduate finds their degrees as worthless lacking immediate value as much as most liberal arts majors have.  For far too  many years we have had to endure a lot of sneering from Marketing and Business majors about how we Philosophy and Lit majors would never find much value for our degree once we were in the real world.  Now, those same Marketing majors are finding their struggle to be as great as mine and I meanwhile have had plenty of practice defending my degree as worth it for the life of the mind.  Pardon me, dear reader, if I find this more than a bit humorous.

As for the article, the folks at the Cabinet publish some thoughts of a silver lining for many of us graduates who are going to graduate school to deal with the economic woes.  “That’s great for them,” we are thus encouraged, “and it might also be, in the long run, good for the nation.”  The lining looks silver to these good writers for the simple reason that they see a population of well educated men and women in this generation being beneficial for the broader community.  With that, dear reader, I’m going to beg from you in the great Dominican tradition for money.  However, this wannabe barking friar shall do it in a fashion more befitting of the modern era for now you can do it by paypal!  Your donation will ensure a little extra help while I try to catch up on my finances to go to the Divinity School at the University of Chicago and further discern a vocation to my beloved Order.

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