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Another Abortion Doctor Dies Unjustly

This, as reported by CW News, 22 May, reports that Dr. Lakshmi Garg had commited suicide after an Indian court upheld her conviction for violating the nations laws on gender-selective abortions.  India, like China, is suffering from a gender imbalance wherein the men far out number the women due to the fact that most parents in these traditional societies greatly prefer to have sons over daughters.  India has responded to this growing crisis, as reported by CW News:

Due to deeply ingrained pattern in Indian culture that favors male children, more than 10 million girls have been found “missing” in the country over the past two decades, because women choose to abort after determining that they are carrying a female baby. In one of several efforts to stop the trend, the government has banned sex-determination tests. But many doctors quietly skirt that law, making a point of telling prospective parents the gender of the baby after a “routine” prenatal examination.

Dr. Garg consumed poison after being convicted and sentenced to thirty months in prison, taking the life of another person unjustly.

I suppose I sum this up with a challenge of how we as society may permit abortion freely but then deal with the consequences of gender-selection in the procedure.  I’m especially interested in hearing from feminists on this issue.

For more information, do check out the National Catholic Registers article “Killed for Being A Girl”.


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