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CCD Goes International

I’ve been getting a steady stream from a post in Spainish that appears to be rather flattering, but my Spainish is quite rusty and Babel Fish only works so well.  Either way it’s encouraging to see and I encourage anyone who would like to leave commentaries on my posts.  Thanks so much everyone!

As for TMC, I shall have some interesting news soon.

Check out the post here.


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  1. Manuel Valderrama

    Hi, Michael,

    I’m a Spaniard and have read the Spanish post before your own. You deserve a faithful translation. Thanks and please keep up the good work!

    Being Catholic Without Being Catholic

    Today, I have translated the following short paragraphs from an interesting American blog -by the amusing name of Catholic Coffee Drinkers- written by Jordan Lichens.

    The author -a convert from Protestantism to Agnosticism and eventually to Catholicism- tells us how shocked he was when he became a Catholic and realized the strange attitude some Catholics have towards the Church.

    We are so used to what Lichens is telling that it hardly surprises us nowadays. We probably need to see this under a new light -as from a convert’s eyes- to realize the strange situation we live in.

    Then some of your original post is quoted:

    “When joining the Church more than four years ago I was shocked to silence at how many Cradle Papists I would encounter who hated the Catholic Church for, well, acting like the Catholic Church. It made no sense to me as a Protestant-turned-Agnostic why someone would remain as a Catholic while demanding that the Catholic Church cease in its Catholicity and begin to resemble the local Unitarian Community.”

    “When asked what they wanted to Catholicism to be, the response was nearly always, “A Church that appeals to more people,” to which Carl Olson in his latest post, correctly pointed was a way of saying, “In a way that appeals to me.””

    “The fact remains that many Westerners still want a personal God who will not be so personal.The Church may lose some appeal to the masses, but that is something that the Church is quite used to. I am more than sure that St. Ignatius was caring little about popular opinion as he was being dragged to Rome to be consumed by lions, and I know that many martyrs were little stricken by their unpopularity in the Colosseum.”

    “The modern mindset sees the measure of a good religion by how many attendants it attracts and how good it makes the attendants feel. Numbers, however, have nothing to do with the measure of any faith, any less do they have anything to do with ideas. The only thing that matters is if it is true, and on this measure we weigh the entire universe of thought.”


    17 October, 2008 at 6:57 pm

  2. Dear Michael Lichens,

    I am the Spanish blogger who quoted your post. I was planning to tell you in a commentary in the original post, but I completely forgot to do it.

    I discovered your blog in the list of the Blue Boar blog and I enjoy it very much.

    It’s always nice to be able to greet a fellow Catholic on the other side of the ocean. If you ever come to Spain, do send me an e-mail and visit me.

    Kind regards.


    20 October, 2008 at 4:55 pm