Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

A (sporadic) Writers Duty

“Great blog, only he seems to post so sporadically that one wonders if he writes at all from time to time,” or so it seems that the blogosphere has this consensus about my blogging.  Even during the summer holiday, which is normally a time of leisure that affords me greater time to write so much more, I have found my time consumed by numerous academic pursuits that are a joy but also rob me of my time to write leisurely so it is that my posts have included many apologies to readers for not writing more.  I apologize yet again, dear reader, because I feel a strange duty to you who actually take the time to read and critique my work.  I suppose the first duty of any writer is to strive not to be boring, one duty that I take with all the seriousness of a dogma.  As I strive not to bore my readers, I as a writer also ask my readers to not be boring when they engage a work.  A reader should approach an author as one who approaches a guide going on safari: he ought to be ready and expectant of a great adventure, but patient during the times of travel where nothing is occurring at all.  Even better, the would-be adventurer ought to see these times of mundane travel as the time of reflection and anticipation on the journey.  As readers and writer, my particular school of blogging has done wonders in intellectual adventures and I am humbled to be a small part of it.


So it is that I offer my apologies for neglecting my writings again and contributing to the culture of modern boredom.  I have been doing many exciting things such as writing and reading for academic reasons, which helped me on my merry way to Oxford where I enjoyed a time of learning about many great Catholic authors of the last 130 years from Cardinal Newman up to contemporary thinkers.  So while time has been an enemy to my leisure, as it has been an enemy since the fall, I have found an overabundance of things to write about!  I shall therefore be focusing on my writings away from blogs but will put forward a new series of essays titled “What I Saw in England” which will be posted to this blog once in a while on top of my usual fixings of news commentary and caustic remarks on others material.  Many thanks to the few of you who read this page and give feedback!  It means the world to me.


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  2. Der Wolfanwalt

    Sporadic or not, I generally find it worthwhile when you choose to write something. Doesn’t stop me from wishing it was more regular, but all the same, it never fails to at least satisfy.


    12 August, 2008 at 11:32 am