Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.


Proving that modern madness is truly stranger than fiction, Spam is enjoying an increase in sales as food inflation continues to soar at a steady 6.1 percent.  While this may be taken as a sign of the times and a portent to the hard times we are about to face, I would like to offer hope that this current crisis of food prices might have many of us re-examine how we grow, buy, and distribute food.

I’ll admit that I am not an economist nor a farmer, but it has always been rather odd to me how the wealthiest and most agricultural nation in the world can have issues with hunger and the cost of food.  While it was ridiculous of me to hope that the hops shortage–an issue very dear to my heart–would prompt a greater emphasis on local growth and home agriculture, it may just not be appropriate to visit such an issue.  It may be a difficult road, but think of it this way: does anyone want to live in a nation of spam and crap beer?  Stand in solidarity beer and food lovers.

Until then, might I suggest some recipes for Spam, my favorite being friend egg and spam, and some tips on growing our own hops.


2 responses

  1. For us Christians all foods are clean. I eat spam with my eggs maybe 3 times out of the month.

    I am curious. How is the wealth of a nation determined? If all the wealth were in the hand of a few would that nation still be considered wealthy?


    25 August, 2008 at 6:04 pm

  2. M. Jordan Lichens

    All foods are clean, but preferable? I suppose it’s a matter of taste, as even I have to indulge in a fried egg and spam sandwich every once in a while. Carry on with glee, good sir!

    As for the wealth of nations, I understand that it is determined by the overall national GDP. This pedantic economist cannot quite get into it now but I will certainly explore this question more in depth in my future endeavors.


    27 August, 2008 at 11:36 am