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On Covering Up a Scandal

If you can imagine it, a world wide organization dedicated to charitable and humane causes has been revealed by Save The Children to have some of it’s members involved in cases of child molestation and physical abuse.  The lack of resolve from that agency to deal with the problem is described by Save The Children as an “endemic failure” and it appears that little is being done by the group to fully investigate the matter.

After the Boston crisis, one would suppose that such failure from a massive agency would be cause for the media to cover the scandal in full page reports, inquire into the depth of the crisis, and even see a few cartoons poking fun at such a horrible crisis.  Unfortunately, my cynicism prevails as the agency in question is the United Nations and I have a hard time seeing the media getting as fired up about this issue as they would regarding the scandal around the Catholic Church.

Please read the news report here.


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