Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

What Moves Me?

Well, finally back from New Hampshire after having completed a year and found my laptop broken so blogging is still not happening the way it should. Believe it or not, you faithful 10 who still read this once in a while, blogging is a love affair that I’ve enjoyed for some time. A guilty one, certainly, and one that most in real life don’t know that I participate in. Writing, I have discovered, is an art that serves as a wonderful tool for self-discovery, personal exorcism and, if one may become skilled at it, a joy for a reading public that also wishes to participate.

Fr. James V. Schall, in his essay “On Being Moved,” states, “In the very fact that we can be moved, we find a hint of the everlastingness to which we somehow belong by virtue of what we are.”  Man, as homo faber, imitates his creator in the creative act of art and making, which is one way we may say that he is made in the image and likeness of God.  This creative act in art, be it writing or painting, must then have a mover, something that moves us to create and then hopefully move the observer of our art.  Now, as I embark to get to writing this blog full time, I ought to be asking what moves me.  I also ask any other bloggers to comment on what moves them write, especially those of whom I see seem to write daily.


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