Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

The Day Will Come…

…when I will cease to write about politics.  However I have some advice for Ron Paul supporters, and other supporters whose candidates are a bit of a long shot.  I understand that it is frustrating when your suit isn’t getting the support they deserve and the irritation of the having to fight an uphill battle with the media.  I was a little crazy once, and was idealistically part of the Libertarian Party for quite  a length of time and certainly recall the irritation of getting nowhere in campaigning.  Nonetheless, how you respond to the calamities of politics is what will help you save face.  With that I offer one bit of advice to fight the good fight and still keep the image: don’t be whiny, and don’t play the victim. 

Win or loose, politics is a messy business that offers few joys.  Your candidate may loose the caucus, and if you whine about it you shall loose all future support in a rebound.  Likewise, the victim-complex is a particularly annoying trait that has not worked well for underdogs in the past and is unlikely to work in at this point.

St. Thomas More, pray for us!


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