Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

On My Absence

When I first started blogging on this forum, a dear friend was kind enough to link me through his blog with the dire warning, “Now you have the burden to post often.” Though I have not quite felt such a burden to write to the three people who actually still read this, I still wonder how much I owe to writing this now that I’ve started. Thomas More College has a observably accurate reputation for being a difficult and time consuming school, and this has eaten into every bit of free time I’ve had. Pray for me in my vocation as a student and my future vocation into whatever it is that God intends for me.

As for writing intermittent blogs, I may say that it is a strange joy to see just how “connected” I am with such fine blogs as the Blue Boar, Bodhran Man, and Ignatius Insight, not to mention the many people who read this, link it, and keep me in my prayers. Therefore, here’s a list of new commitments I am making.

  • Above all, never to take myself seriously. I can take many things seriously, but never myself
  • To write more often about the things I’m learning at TMC. If I can’t do this, my education is useless.
  • To write with all glory to God and the Holy Virgin.  Simple, trite, but exactly what I always hope my writing does.

With that in mind, I hope to make the few posts I can make slightly more enjoyable to you, my constant reader.  Keep praying for me and I hope to be hacking away at this much more in the future!


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  1. Der Wolfanwalt

    1) It’s Ὅι Λόγοι now, M.J. The bodhrán has been silenced, at least for the moment.

    2) I find that sometimes a post beyond the standard mundane minutiae of my daily existence requires somewhat more development. Keep a running draft of text somewhere; my preference is for a computer-based client that lets me save drafts. Ideal for the especially long posts.

    3) Never forget: don’t eat a plate-full of broccoli before a lecture.


    24 November, 2007 at 1:58 pm