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No One Like’s An I-Told-You-So

Many may remember my previous comments about Senator Brownback regarding his belief that governors don’t have enough experience to become president, and it appears that he is now out of the running while one former governor is still in. So much for senators just being better at things. I myself am not sure I like any of the candidates thus far-though the idea of President Colbert is mildly appealing-I am nonetheless unhappy to see another pro-life candidate drop out while Giuliani still has a chance of winning the nomination. As well, I have yet to hear one candidate discuss the idea of limiting government involvement or reducing the size of some of the ridiculous jobs set up by the current regime.

To say the least, it is a joy for me that during election year I am bombarded by school and cut off from my television, so much excitement would probably serve to give me an ulcer or two. God be with us, I raise my glass to the finest nation with a comical process!


2 responses

  1. Dr. Molly

    I too am thankful that school/work has prevented daily exposure to the political tragical comedy. I don’t recall your previous post on Brownback’s comments, but it seems very strange to say that the job of senator (which is one of compromise and diplomacy) prepares one better for the presidency (a job of decisive leadership and delegating athority) better than a governorship (also a job of leadership). But America doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to the credentials of our representatives in office. How many of them have worked as much out of politics as in? And how many have worked out of politics at all?
    It has become my opinion that a political resume is the worst credentials for a political job.


    5 November, 2007 at 6:56 pm

  2. Go Colbert! As wacky and wierd as he is, I’d vote for him.


    20 November, 2007 at 12:24 pm