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More Green Catholics in The See

ByzCath has an interesting article on a statement from Msgr Pietro Parolin, of the Vatican Secretariat of State, on the stance of the Holy See on the environment. Nothing new in this area, though he warns of an extreme that I recall from my days in and out of churches where it is believed that “we should actually exploit our world to the full, with little or no heed to the consequences, using a worldview supposedly based on faith.” I don’t want to put words in the Monsignor’s mouth, but I have a feeling that he was talking of the view that believes that as Christ is coming back, we ought to go ahead and exploit our Earth’s resources.

This was an extremist view I heard in and out of churches growing up, and I hear it in the Catholic church now and again, and it is thankfully being more and more oppose by the many. Good to see that there is still some sane, common sense, Green Catholics still out there!


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  1. Well, it’s a stupid interpretation of the view, ‘we can do anything we want because Christ is coming back!’ If anything, shouldn’t that read, We CAN’T do anything we want, precisely because Christ is coming back?

    There are other green Catholic areas–I invite you to my blog, the post ‘Credo in Planned Parenthood? How Ungreen Can You Get!’ that exposes the role of birth control pills in the degradation of the environment (and women!) and recommends NFP–come read it, and comment!


    10 November, 2008 at 7:24 am