Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

And You All Thought I Was Dead…

Well, I promised that I’d try to blog before leaving, and I seem to have trouble keeping said promises. As anyone who has ever attended a liberal arts college knows, the junior year is quite a pain. In fact, I have ceased tracking days by month, day, or even the day of the week and now judge days by what is due the next day. Wednesday is no longer Wednesday, it’s “Hegel-Paper-Is-Due-Tomorrow” Day. That all being said, I hope to get a chock hold on my work (please pray for me!) and get back to writing my stupid thoughts on at least a weekly basis.

Here’s some things, however, I wish I had found time to blog on.

  • The Archbishop’s homily at TMC’s convocation. We might be good people, but you are an awful public speaker.
  • The cigar tax that passed in the House. Knock it off already!
  • The smoking ban in New Hampshire. So much for “Live Free Or Die.”

As alway, I also wished I could write about how much I love my school but feel like I’m missing a few too many important events in the “real world”.


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  1. audreyassad

    … sorry about the NH ban …

    Also, the real world is currently plastered with pictures of Britney Spears and inundated with the horrible, horrible sounds of T-Pain “singing” lyrics like “buy u a drank.”

    You’re not missing out on too much. 🙂 Enjoy your books…


    29 September, 2007 at 9:28 pm