Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

Feast of a Hero

“Augustine defines the essence of the Christian religion, he saw the Christian faith, not in continuity with earlier religions, but rather in continuity with philosophy as a victory of reason over superstition.”

-Pope Benedict XVI


The thought and passion of St. Augustine has continued to impact the world in unimaginable ways, and will continue to define Western political and philosophical thought.  As we celebrate his feast today, I have to confess a great passion for St. Augustine as a man who also misspent his youth and found his sojourn to the City of God wrought with all kinds of entanglements and frustrations.  It may be said that the philosopher out of Africa is the model of adult converts, such as myself, for he had found through reason a faith that has literally changed the world.  In the modern madness I like to think how grand it would be to have an Augustine in our time, but then remember that men such as he only wrote when all was collapsing.  Cheers to the man himself, may his thought save our society once more!



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