Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.


A very strange personal thought, today marks my second anniversary in blogging. This would be my third blog, and I can only pray that third times a charm and that I can beat the three month curse.

On the subject of blogging, vere loqui has an interesting post on certain things bloggers should avoid. I’m pretty sure I have violated most of these rules from time to time, namely the ones that say don’t be boring or self-promote (which I’m doing now) and will continue to violate these rules. Good thing I have no intention of taking myself or my blog seriously anytime soon, and I’m certain my MO shall be a familiar Chesterton line, “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”


2 responses

  1. MacKenzie Rohlfing

    It seems like those rules are a tad too…I don’t know, maybe too formulaic? It’s like any other literary form, in my humble opinion: its analysis is best limited to the most basic of systematic approaches.


    28 August, 2007 at 11:33 am

  2. M. Jordan Lichens

    True, true. I feel that in any form of writing, one ought to write what they know and not go beyond that. This means that any subject one wishes to write on needs to be researched and dashed with a bit of passion or three consequences may come about: it will be boring, wrong or both. My past mistakes have been trying to borrow the writing styles and knowledge of me I revere, but I have since learned that I am no Chesterton, Lewis, or even a Joesph Pearce.


    28 August, 2007 at 12:54 pm