Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

Good Mums Change the World

Place of St. Monica's death.Today we celebrate a woman who has quite possibly shaped Western Philosophy just by being a good mother. St. Monica, whose feast we celebrate today, was a woman whose constant prayers and tears brought St. Augustine into the Church and we are still the better for it. The world is not nearly thankful enough for St. Monica, nor for the many mothers in general. The picture is from Ostia, Italy and commemorates the spot where St. Monica died and includes the inscription from Confessions.

“And You sent Your hand from above,and drew my soul out of that profound darkness, when my mother, Your faithful one, wept to you on my behalf more than mothers are wont to weep the bodily death of their children. For she saw that I was dead by that faith and spirit which she had from You, and Thou heardest her, O Lord. Thou heardest her, and despised not her tears, when, pouring down, they watered the earth under her eyes in every place where she prayed; yea, Thou heardest her.” –Confessions of St. Augustine, book III.


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