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Some Catholics Go Green…


…and keep their sanity. I recently rediscovered an old gem of Stratford Caldecott’s “Ecology“, which is still a great read for an introduction to sane ecological ideas. Caldecott, an Oxford philosopher and publisher of Second Spring (now being published by Thomas More College in the US), introduces the various ideas in environmentalism including Deep Ecology, eco-feminism, and he especially brings attention to the first world arrogance in demanding that the third world limits their birth though Mr. Caldecott correctly points out, “If the 30% of the world’s population living in the richest countries uses 80% of the world’s resources..it could certainly be argued that the global ‘problem’ was as much the lifestyle of the average Westerner as the number of children born to a poor family in the Third World. It would take 9 billion Indians to do as much environmental damage as all 300 million Americans.”

With so much attention being paid to the environment, it should only be natural that more and more Catholics would be speaking up on it and assuring that the creation does not overtake the Creator in humanities daily faith.


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  1. MacKenzie Rohlfing

    I’ve been waiting for somebody to make that connection! I feel so much happier for knowing that, if I am indeed a paranoid person, then at least I’m not alone.


    21 August, 2007 at 11:06 am

  2. We can have it all–a Catholic notion, of course–if we go to outer space. Seriously! We have to take that step for a number of reasons. Please see my blog, the post “Please Send Catholics to Outer Space” for some detail!


    10 November, 2008 at 7:28 am