Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

This Could Get Fun…

I sometimes wonder if the only reason we haven’t had too many cheesy spy flicks as of recent is because real life is too silly to be believed.  President Putin, who from day one looked like the archetypal 007 villain, has announced that he will be resurrecting cold war long range bomber exercises in a joint program with Beijing (source); this news is on top of headlines such as “Russian Youth Group Encourages ‘More Sex’ To Save the Motherland,” and Nashi’s continued influence in spreading Nazi like propaganda to Russian youth.  To make matters more comical, our leaders continue to downplay what’s going on while our media keeps us in a constant state of fear over some plant going extinct.  Yet, a shining light does come to us from the Third Rome that may very well bring much hope to all the world.

The Russian Orthodox Church has always had the reputation of being closed off and arrogant, and some may see this as deserved given its actions over the past few decades.  However,  the Church’s resilience in oppression has always been respectable and its continued actions are getting some attention.  The Russian Church Outside of Russia and the Patriarch of Moscow are now back in communion, which you should read about here.  Likewise, it’s reported that ties between Moscow and Rome are improving and there are even talks of a meeting between the two leaders.  Russia is a good news/bad news nation, let’s keep such a rich and beautiful nation in our prayers!


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