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A Good First Step

In reading Small Is Still Beautiful I have been turned on more and more to reading “crunchy cons” and seeing what effect they may have in American politics.  Though this inept blogger has always reguarded himself as a conservative, I have been living a strange closet life that distrusts big business and big government, suburbs, and big box sellers.  Though I’m not sure I agree with the crunchy cons, I certainly could agree with Rod Dreher’s first step to a political ideal:

“The first important first step, I would say, is turn off the TV. You can consider it fasting. My family spent an entire Lent not watching TV at all, and pretty soon, if you do that, you realize how great it feels to have a house where people talk to each other, or spend their time reading or listening to good music.

If you are concerned that this may deprive you of EWTN, do remember that they have an audio library here, which includes Dale Ahlquist’s brilliant show The Apostle of Common Sense, a show that looks into Chesterton’s many great ideas.


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  1. John

    Please read these two essays on the politics and culture of Small Is Beautiful—the only True politics.
    1. http://www.dabase.org/coopcomm.htm
    2. http://www.dabase.org/restsacr.htm


    22 August, 2007 at 11:30 pm