Igitur non dormiamus sicut ceteri.

Drinking Like A Distributist

Joseph Pearce’s interview on Catholic Answers for his Small is Still Beautiful is now posted on CAL’s website.  Pearce has written what I consider the best modern biography of Chesterton, as well as several other works that demonstrate his ability to get to the heart of great literary minds.  Now, Mr. Pearce tackles the idea of bringing the market to a human scale.  An idea, I believe should be carried out in in the things I have come to love the most.

If you can’t tell from the title of the blog, coffee is extremely important for this neurotic fellow.  As I hold to the Chestertonian principle that we should be a society of owners, it is a great pleasure to live in the Northwest where there are so many small roasters.  They make a better product than almost every national chain, and are typically fair-trade companies (for those unfamiliar with the lingo, fair trade coffee is a guarantee that the roaster is paying the grower fair market wages for the beans).  Even the Carmelite’s are getting into the coffee biz, like these guys in Wyoming, who roast great coffee under the watchful eye of Br. Java (name not made up).

Beer, another of life’s great blessings, is something that common sense tells you that “small is beautiful” when it comes to the brewer.  If you don’t believe me, just hop on down to your local store and pick up Rogue Brewery’s Shakespeare Stout and then compare it to one of the larger fellows.  Proof is in the taste, my friends.  The smallness of the brewer insures competition which, which entices them to make a fine product.  As well, it keeps the money local an benefits many more of the people that are closer to us geographically.  In fact, brewers like Rogue and Bridgeport have helped Oregon get some pride (which we need much of) and brought more business to Oregon farmers and have provided a boom in brewpubs.  Small, is beautiful mates, especially when it comes to the drinks that get us through these summer days!

Check out Joseph’s blog here at http://www.smallisstillbeautiful.com/


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